Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marathon Writing

Life feels like a marathon these days. Grad school is not the laid back, sleeping-in, leisurely reading, lots of down time, cafe-spending experience that one would expect. But journalism school is rewarding, especially when the reporting brings me into contact with people like Bob and Susan Hammond.

One of my class assignments was to profile someone from my hometown running the New York City Marathon. I went through the list of entrants and chose to contact Bob Hammond due to his affiliation with the Natural Living Club. I thought that could provide a good news hook. I interviewed him twice by phone in the month before the marathon, and then met him and his wife in New York the weekend of the marathon.

I accompanied them to the Expo, had lunch with them at a vegan restaurant, and stood with Susan at mile 23 to cheer Bob on as he ran past about three hours into the race. The Hammonds were wonderful, inspiring people, and it was a joy to meet them. My profile piece ran in The Pelican Press this week.
Twenty years ago, newly minted dentist Robert Hammond was an avowed junk food lover, indulging frequently in "Twinkies, double dogs and Ring Dings." On the car radio one day he heard health guru Gary Null talking about holistic living and healthy eating.

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I had tried to pitch the piece to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, but they totally snubbed me, not responding to phone calls or e-mails. Grrr.

Running changed his diet and brought him love [The Pelican Press]

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