Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birth Announcement: A new blog has been born

Well, it's already a month old, but I have a new blog. It's for one of my classes at NYU, which I have discussed before. The class is called Porfolio-- its tagline is "The Journalism of Ideas." It "brings young journalists together to harness their passions and ideas and develop a cohesive, thematically related body of work."

My body of work is called The Not-So Private Parts. Heh. The theme is that privacy is gradually fading away, due to security needs (surveillance cameras, etc); technology (data breaches, the amount of information we ourselves put online through social networks, etc.); and a culture that celebrates exhibitionism/exposure.

Take a look at my Porfolio profile here.

And take a look at my new baby: The Not-So Private Parts blog. If you have suggestions for improving the private parts, shoot me an e-mail. It feels a bit amorphous now, but I look forward to its developing over the next year. You know, learning to walk, eating solid foods, etc.

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