Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Updates

Well.... July went by without an entry. This either means summer laziness has set in, or that I have been incredibly busy. Or both.

It's definitely been busy. I moved to the East Village -- I'm much happier in this neighborhood and about living on my own again. I am blogging my head off at Above The Law and True/Slant. Check out my most recent T/S post for the story behind my Scalia scoop and my thoughts on the future of journalism: The Evolution of Journalism (Or: How The New York Times Stole My Blog Story).

For something a little more fun, check out my post on the comment meme on Above The Law that will not die: How my ass lobster got into the Urban Dictionary.

My great friend/managing editor on Above The Law, David Lat, invited me to his family's lake house a few weekends back. His mother, who reads the blog regularly, paid me the greatest compliment: that she can't tell the difference between my and Lat's posts. To our great surprise and amusement, Lat's mother had made a huge lobster. We took a few photos and uploaded them to Facebook.

The Above The Law readers among our Facebook friends suggested we do a post on them. We did: Kash and the Big-Ass Lobster.

It generated 50,000 page clicks! Who knew journalism would lead to a career in lobster porn for me?

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