Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Accounting Down the Days to the End of the Recession

Well, I never thought I would have a byline in the UK magazine Accountancy Age. But my law expertise takes me to strange places. I did a piece for them on forensic accounting as it relates to billionaire scammer Allen Stanford's trial:
Allen Stanford may still be grabbing headlines as he awaits trial on charges of fraud worth $8.5bn but it is forensic accountants who will play a prominent role in readying the case for both sides and testifying as expert witnesses.

Forensic accountants’ involvement in American criminal and civil litigation has become more visible because of the sensational nature of recent financial scandals, according to 30-year industry veteran Ronald L. Durkin, senior managing director of specialist accounting firm Durkin Forensic.

Warning: In case its being in a magazine called "Accountancy Age" didn't give it away, it's a bit drier than my usual stuff.

In other news, this e-mail from the NYU journalism school internship coordinator made me want to throw up in my mouth:
Newsday’s features section, ExploreLI, is looking for a full-time two-year intern interested in reporting Long Island entertainment, nightlife, events and other lifestyle features for the daily section, as well as creating multimedia for Newsday.com and ExploreLI.com. Newsday is one of the nation's largest daily newspapers, serving New York's Long Island area.

A two-year long, full-time internship??? In my crazy world, that's called "a job." Where you pay someone a "real salary" and "health benefits."

I can't wait for the recession to end and for journalists to start having self respect again.

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