Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The new year brings a not-so new job

At the end of the month, I'm going to be switching from associate editor to editor at Above The Law. Which means I'll be writing a bit more there.

I'll continue to write The Not-So Private Parts. And continue to freelance. (Speaking of, the Washingtonian cover story is now online. And the New York Times asked me to weigh in again at the Room for Debate.) And I have one more class to complete this semester to finish my masters degree -- the "long personal essay" with Perri Klass.

So life is not actually changing that much. But I will be spending more time at the Above The Law office.

In other news, New York is really, really cold.

Why lawyers make so much money [Washingtonian Magazine]
Your boss and your BlackBerry [Room for Debate/New York Times]

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