Sunday, January 30, 2011

A vital Disconnection is made

Much as I love being a creature of the Internet and the constant flood of information at my fingertips, I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in data. Last year, I made a pledge to myself that I would spend at least one week per year out of the www-dot waters. No email, no blogging, no Google searches, no tweets. Smartphone is turned off and stays off.

Last year, I took my Internet-free vacation in August in St. John in the Virgin Islands. This year, it was taken in January in Jamaica. The Caribbean turns out to be a nice distraction from the call of the digital wilds.

Though, on both trips, I cheated one time and snuck a peek at my email. Perhaps punishment for that should be to take another Internet-free vacation this year. At the moment, I could accomplish that by hopping on a flight to Cairo. Though I prefer making the choice to abstain from the Internet rather than having it forcibly taken away.


Monica Oriti_Percival said...

January 30? Now you are a Fully Fledged Member of the Fourth Estate, you have been sadly neglecting this blog. Is it that the New Journalism (and Twitter) have supplanted it? Do you no longer feel the need for purely personal expression of over 140 characters?

I petition for the return of MIFA to activity!

Dave Mendoza said...

Just read your thingie on the Target pregnancy stalkings & wanted to let you know I love your style. You know how to make a man chuckle...