Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Latest Journalistic Venture: True/Slant

A new online magazine "alpha" launched Wednesday, called True/Slant. Newspapers and magazines may be folding left and right, but the Web is the Wild West and there's still lots of land there for those who want to settle it. At least I hope so. I must admit that the rise and rapid fall of conservative online mag Culture11 scared me.

But I've signed on with the True/Slant team and I hope the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg is right in predicting a bright future for the site. Here's a screenshot:

True/Slant bills itself as the "digital home for the 'New Journalist,'" and will make it easy for users to follow the stories and voices of individual writers. I think that's a cool idea, and I hope readers do too.

I'm a contributor on the site. You can check out my page, Degrees of Recession, about pursuing higher education when hiring prospects are bleak-- a subject with which I am intimately familiar. One of my first posts on the student loan movement going viral got lots of traffic (Thanks, Above The Law!), making me one of the most popular contributors this week. If you look closely at the screen grab above, you'll see that I'm just two pegs less popular than Matt Taibbi.

Which is awesome. As those who know me know, I'm a big fan of the vitriolic Rolling Stone writer.

True/Slant Tests Another Model Of Web Journalism
[Wall Street Journal]
Culture Shock [Washington Monthly]

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