Monday, May 4, 2009

"Summer break" and a Supreme message

Yesterday, I turned in my last piece of the second semester and am now officially on "summer break." So far, it looks like summer break will involve lots of working. In this economy, that's great news for me!

Last week was an exciting one. After having written that story on the Fordham dossier on Justice Antonin Scalia, I called the Supreme Court to see if Justice Scalia might have a comment on the story.

He did!

He sent me a message through the Supreme Court's public information officer. We published it here. David Lat, ATL's formidable founder, is out of the country at the moment so it's not possible to ask him if this is a first for Above The Law (getting an exclusive quote from a Supreme Court Justice).

It's definitely a first for me.

Justice Scalia Responds to Fordham Privacy Invasion! [Above The Law]

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