Sunday, June 15, 2008

Housing in Hong Kong

Once I decided to take the internship in Hong Kong, the first challenge was to find housing. Having lived in D.C. for five years, I have come to see Craiglist as the go-to resource for everything, from an apartment to furniture to a roommate. Unfortunately, Craigslist Hong Kong hasn't really come into its own yet, so I had to look elsewhere.

I e-mailed the folks at the International Herald Tribune and every friend of a friend I could find in Hong Kong. They all pointed me to the same two websites: GeoExpat and AsiaXPat. The second yielded a sublet in the Midlevels in Hong Kong.

I am subletting from a freelance journalist who's heading to Beijing for the summer to work on her Mandarin. I'll have a roommate in a 2-bedroom apartment on Peel Street. I have to send my rent for the summer in advance via wire transfer which kind of freaks me out. But I have a good e-mail rapport with the two women... and I know where they work.

Midlevels are near Central and SoHo and are the place to be for expats. It's a more expensive neighborhood, but close to Hong Kong's hot spots. My monthly rent actually works out to less than I pay in Washington, D.C. Woo hoo!

For those looking to live somewhere cheaper, but stay on Hong Kong Island, check out Wan Chai or Causeway Bay. Now on to the next challenge... finding housing in New York City when I return to the States to start school!

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