Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Week Til Hong Kong

I leave for Hong Kong on July 2. The "when to go to Hong Kong" section of my Lonely Planet guide warns against traveling there from May through September, due to the oppressive heat and humidity. A friend of mine there now reports that his sunglasses fog over when he steps outside. I guess I'll be giving up running outside.

As my start date at the International Herald Tribune approaches, I am starting to wonder exactly what I'll be doing there. Hopefully, lots of web-related stuff. I also know I'll be working closely with the sports editor on Olympics coverage. And laying out sports scores for the newspaper. Hopefully, I will develop an interest in sports this summer. At this point, it's the section of the newspaper that I immediately discard.

Unfortunately, I won't be getting anywhere near the Games in Beijing. I have noted that the equestrian events will be held in Hong Kong, so maybe I'll get out of the newsroom to help cover those.

One week til take-off!

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