Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My name is Kashmir Hill. This is the start of a blog marking my leap from D.C. non-profiteer to journalist-at-large. It all started at the National Press Foundation in Washington, D.C., where I managed educational programs for journalists around the world. Kenya, Canada, China, Australia.... there are great travel perks in the non-profit world.

I caught the journalism bug and did a short stint at The Washington Examiner. Then I started writing for the legal tabloid blog, Above The Law. And now I am bound for Hong Kong for the summer to intern with the International Herald Tribune. I do not know exactly what I'll be doing there, but it will involve the 2008 Olympics. And the eating of many dumplings.

In the fall, I start a masters program in magazine journalism at New York University. This is the place where I'll be charting the journalism journey.

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