Thursday, August 28, 2008

The J School Journey Begins

Monday marked the close of the HK chapter of my life and the beginning of the journalism school short novella. I took the Bolt Bus to New York on Tuesday. (I must note that the Bolt Bus is amazing-- big leather seats, electrical outlets, wireless internet, and $17 roundtrip! I am happily blogging away on the bus back to D.C. at this very moment.)

I had student orientation yesterday. There are approximately 200 students starting NYU's journalism program this year, with a little over twenty in the magazine journalism track. Our magazine group gathered in the morning. Dean Rob Boynton started out by talking about the journalism industry being in flux. Though entering an industry in mild crisis is a bit scary, it may offer interesting opportunities to those who are adaptable.

The orientation wisdom that resonated with me:
  • Being a good j school student means letting go of the regurgitation that makes a good undergrad student, and being aggressive, "nagging," independently-minded, and getting out of the classroom and into the city.
  • A sign of a good story is actually wanting to talk about it with your friends.
  • In j school, you're sheltered from workplace pressures, and can take more risks.

Going back to school feels really strange. There's this weird mixture of apprehension, skepticism, excitement, insecurity, and loss of authority. In my work at the National Press Foundation, I had reached a certain level of autonomy/seniority. In embracing the student identity, I am admitting that I have a lot to learn and am letting my professors determine the pace and principles. It's humbling and vaguely discomforting.

Classes start Wednesday. In the meantime, I have to move from D.C. to NYC. Ugh.

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