Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kash appreciates the write-in votes, but…

There are big changes afoot at Above The Law, the legal tabloid blog where Kash holds the title of associate editor. [FN1] Above The Law editor-in-chief David Lat is leaving behind the pajamas-til-noon life of a full-time blogger for a managing role at Breaking Media, the blog’s publisher.

During a brainstorming session on one of their many runs, David and Kash came up with an “American Idol”-inspired plan to identify the new editor-in-chief. After calling for applications for the position, David chose six finalists to compete to be the next "ATL Idol." The contest has been running for the last few weeks, and it’s down to two contestants—the winner will be announced Monday.

During the contest, Kash received some write-in votes, which warmed her little heart. Someone even created a shadow poll that included her. Very snarky. This is the love part of the love-hate relationship with the ATL commentators. She greatly appreciates the support from ye anonymous readers… and the Pacific Reporter.

However, as others have pointed out, she is not the ideal candidate. Though Tom Goldstein objects to lists as the tool of the lazy, here are the top ten reasons why Kash would not make a good ATL EIC:
1. She’s not a lawyer. While fully capable of poking fun at judges and attorneys, she’s not up to the task of nitty-gritty legal analysis.

2. She hasn’t been to law school. LSAT insight- yes, did that. Law school insight- no.

3. She does not even have a law-related degree. She majored in Italian and European Studies. Seriously. She did take International Law as a Duke undergrad, but as Sophist concluded, that course is a big ole waste of time.

4. David’s shoes are way too big for her.
Having lots of lawyerly friends has provided a good amount of legal insight useful in writing for ATL, but per reasons one, two, and three, she doesn’t have the legal cred that the new EIC needs. As for more personal reasons:
5. She’s heading to journalism school in the fall. New York University and grad school life await her.

6. She has been hooked up with fellowship money. Many commentators suggest that journalism school is a waste of time and money. Kash agrees that this is possible. But thanks to NYU’s generosity, the loans she takes out should amount to less than the salary of her first real journalism job. Hopefully.

7. She wants the degree. Another true-to-life stereotype from the Stuff White People Like blog.

8. She fears getting sucked into the trade journalism world and never escaping. She likes writing about non-legal stuff too. Important stuff. You know, the really pressing matters. Like a Boy Scout troop’s stolen Christmas trees and chocolate tasting.

9. Within trade journalism, she fears getting sucked even further into the salacious legal beat niche. How many posts with the word “fellate” in the title before she ruins her chances of being a serious-for-realz journalist?

10. She likes the title of Ass. Editor.
[FN1] Kash uses the royal “we” on Above The Law, and the first person on Moving into the Fourth Estate. Since this post bridges the two worlds, she’s chosen the third person voice for the occasion.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Very good......

moi said...

So sad you won't be the new EIC here, but I hope you will stay on and contribute often.

PS. Kash, none of your links work!!

Good luck in J-School and congrats on the fellowship :)

Village Idiot said...

I was the one that posted the shadow poll for you, and one of the IP addresses I use got banned from posting for doing it. Just a small sacrifice to show our support though. Good luck in your future endeavors.