Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last week in Hong Kong

My summer in Hong Kong is winding down, though work has winded up, up, up. The Olympics are keeping me incredibly busy these days. The most time-consuming of my IHT tasks is the creation of the "Olympics Scoreboard." It runs in the Olympics section of the paper, and lists all of the event results from the day, along with the medal winners and country standings. I compile the information from the wires and lay it out.

I often wonder how many people actually use this section of the paper given the ability to get all this information so easily online. But last week, in the country standings table that I had selected, the AP had made a mistake and given France a gold medal. Some reader in Paris sent an e-mail pointing out the mistake, and we issued a correction. So now I know that there is at least one guy in Paris who looks at the Scoreboard. I am greatly relieved.

I found this video from BBC News kind of hilarious. A BBC TV pundit is the recipient of misplaced adoration from Michael Phelps fans in Tiananmen Square. "My name is Steve."

Video - Fans mob Parry thinking he is Phelps (BBC News)

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