Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cover Boys

With the time difference, it's hard for me to track the rise and fall of controversies back in the States. Are people still talking about THE New Yorker cover there? IHT has this piece from NYT on the difficulties comics are having poking fun at Obama. Which led me to write this post to spark conversation on Above The Law.

If this cover were on the front of the National Review, it would never fly. But the New Yorker can get away with it (I think) due to the nature of their readers (a bunch of Obama supporters) and their history of satire. This is the same magazine that depicted the leader of Iran on its cover in a bathroom stall a la Larry Craig. The problem is with the reaction to the cover outside of the New Yorker's subscription base, now that it's no longer an inside joke.

It made me wonder how other magazines have portrayed the candidates on their covers. This is far from an exhaustive search, but it looks like Obama is definitely the preferred "cover boy:"

McCain missed out on the media TLC that results from a protracted, bitter, and ground-breaking battle for a party's nomination. Loving Time's Highlander "There can be only one" reference.

The Atlantic wins the artistic award. McCain may even be in there somewhere.

This is a nice feel-good cover. "Either way America votes, we're happy with it. Just as long as there's no more Bush."

Everybody loves that face...

...except for the National Review.

I wonder who Rolling Stone is voting for....


David B. said...

Nice post - great round-up of the various covers.

JEFFYPO0 said...
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Jeff Smith said...

I know that Senator Obama and his wife are terrorist fist jabbers, but what is Senator McCain doing to his cuff on the Time cover? That looks like some sort of gang sign to me. And are those communist earrings that Senator Clinton is wearing? Oh my god! These people are downright un-American. We should probably play it safe and vote for Jeb.

nate said...

In the 'hope' edition RS endorsed Obama in the most bathhouse way ever. It was obnoxious to read.