Thursday, July 31, 2008

Akon's "White Party"

As promised, this is my report on Saturday's Akon concert at Hong Kong's AsiaExpo, a big convention hall. I hadn't really heard of Akon before, but was interested to see a concert here in HK, since I love music shows. In case you're similarly unacquainted with Akon, here's a link to one of his songs, Don't Matter.

I've never been to a concert with a theme before. This one was the "White Party," and the majority of attendees donned white attire, including my group. There were three ticket levels, $380 HKD (approx. $35 USD), $600 HKD, and $900 HKD. The room was divided by metal fences, with the high rollers in front of the stage. We were in the back, a.k.a. the cheap level.

Akon came on an hour late, and after the first song, the sound went out in the middle and back levels. We all raised our arms over our heads in an X shape to indicate our dissatisfaction, but we still went without sound for about 15 minutes.

Once the speakers were working again, it was a pretty good show. Akon seemed to feel badly about the sound problems though. With three or so songs left, he announced the concert was "for crazies." And that all the "crazies" should jump the fences and come to the front of the room. Thus ensued a mad rush of the crowd over the barriers-- people were running, tripping, and falling off the fences as they climbed over. It was definitely crazy.

I managed not to get hurt in the rush, though someone did somehow spill beer in my eye, and it kind of burned for a few seconds.

Before the last song, Akon made a little speech to the crowd that went something like this: "Hey all, I just want to say, I love you. And you know, when things get crazy, sometimes things go wrong. If any of you fell down or got hurt when things got crazy, I just want you to know I'm sorry."

I found this all utterly hilarious. I wonder if issuing a mass apology to concert-goers works to protect against litigation. Hey, it's working for doctors.

In other news, here's my latest IHT slide show creation: Earthquake in California.

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