Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Forecast: Rain, Rain and More Rain

Today marks the elapse of one week spent in Hong Kong. It is also day five of almost-constant rain, with no end in sight. See the forecast from

Apparently, 60% translates to "all the time" in Hong Kong.

My newest duty at IHT is laying out the scores for the sports section of the newspaper. This is bizarre to me, due to my relative lack of interest in sports and the expected death of the physical page in journalism. (I have noticed that the Tampa Bay Rays haven't been doing so well, Dad.)

It's kind of quaint though, and nice to catch the tail end of this form of journalism (assuming it is the tail end). It's good to have "I remember when" stories. Mine will include, "I remember when..." there was no e-mail or instant messenger, people didn't have cell phones, call waiting was a novelty, Facebook didn't exist, we had to register for classes in person (high school) and by phone (college), gas cost 99 cents per gallon, and there was such a paper as the International Herald Tribune and I worked there.

For the web part of my internship, I have moved from finding one image per article to finding lots of images and making slideshows. See this series on a new world heritage site in Cambodia. The Preah Vihear temple sits along the Cambodia-Thai border; Thailand originally backed Cambodia's application to UNESCO, but then changed its mind at the last minute due to internal pressures. Too bad for them. Update: Thailand's foreign minister has been forced to resign over the hullabaloo. (I tracked down the photo of Noppadon Pattama for that article.)

The internship doesn't have built-in writing opportunities, but I would like to work on a few pieces while I am here. Some folks back in the States expressed interest in my freelancing for them and the IHT is open to pitches for possible online publication. The problem is coming up with ideas. All I can think about at the moment is the incessant rain.

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