Monday, July 7, 2008

Not Just Fetching Coffee and Dumplings

I spotted another great public service announcement/directive today on a digital sign on the Hong Kong MTR (aka the Metro). "Live healthy. Make sure you get adequate rest and sleep." I found it amusing, but it's certainly sound advice.

Day 2 of the IHT internship. My hours are going to be 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I'm excited for long morning runs, though I was thwarted today by rain. I met the two editors with whom I'll be working on Olympics coverage. I admitted to them that, in the past, the sports section has been the only part of the newspaper that I immediately discarded. They just laughed. I will still be admitted to the "Olympics pod--" we'll be claiming an area of the newsroom for our team. My hours may be pretty crazy come August, as we'll be working with a 1 a.m. deadline for the Hong Kong edition of the paper.

As for the web part of the internship, my main responsibility so far has been finding photos to accompany stories. It's pretty fun, and reminds me of image searching for Above The Law posts... without the opportunity for creative Photoshopping. I chose a migrant worker/pollution/Bird's Nest photo from Reuters for this story on the month countdown to the Olympics. My second choice was a bunch of industrial excavators scooping algae out of the sea near Qingdao for the Olympics sailing regatta (See the New York Times story on this).

Food victory of the day: I've discovered a tasty Indian restaurant around the corner from my apartment building: Indian Village. I introduced myself and let them know they'd be seeing me frequently in the next two months. I doubt I'll be doing much cooking on my little two-burner countertop plug-in. And yes, our fridge really is two feet tall.


Hao said...

How much does your place in HK run?
One of my friends is starting school at HKUST in the fall, but I think they get housing as part of the tuition and fees.

I think you get the benefit of paying lower taxes in HK though

int'l man of mystery said...

chili fagara on graham street in soho (just north of graham's intersection with hollywood road) has the most authentic sichuan food in hong kong.

Anonymous said...

Guys in my high school used to intern in Asia all the time, it was no big deal.

Kashmir Hill said...

Hao, my HK place runs about $900 USD/ $7500 HKD per month. Midlevels are a bit more expensive than other parts of town.

Int'l man of mystery, I'll look for chili fagara-- thanks for the tip! I went to Shui Hu Ju on Peel St for sichuan and was mightily disappointed.

Frat stud on my personal blog. Really?

Hao said...

$900 USD doesn't sound too bad. Good thing HKD is still pegged to the dollar rather than floated.

I'll be getting raped for rent if I decide to quit practicing law and move to Singapore next year.